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Brewers Friend Premium

6 usd

Brewing with total confidence. The details make the difference between an average batch of home brew and a truly excellent brew that is repeatable. This app is a beer recipe calculator, brew session tracker, and brew log - all on your Android device. This application is capable of syncing with the Brewer's Friend cloud solution (the application works by itself stand alone, but the sync requires a premium account at the site).This application is ad free.
Main feature list for version 1.0:* Complete recipe designer with pre-populated list of grains, hops, and yeast. Ability to add your own custom grains.* Fully supports metric units!* Work in Specific Gravity or Plato.* OG/FG/IBU/SRM, yeast attenuation automatically calculated.* Supports All Grain, Extract, Partial Mash, BIAB.* Tells if recipe matches style.* Pick the equations and units you prefer. * No Chill – Extended Hop Boil Time Supported.* Target 'to the fermentor' or 'to the kettle' batch sizes.* Journal for tracking events like gravity readings, volume collected, dates, and tasting notes.* Tracks what phase the brew is in.